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360 Law Group – Parachute Jump for Hope

360 Law Group - Jump for Hope

When Robert Taylor and James Taylor, two Directors of 360 Law Group, first contemplated jumping out of an airplane, they knew it would take more than just a thirst for adrenaline to get them to take the plunge. It was their belief in the power of community and their commitment to support those in need that ultimately made them decide to soar through the skies for The Hope Hub in Camberley.

The father and son have always admired The Hope Hub’s relentless dedication to helping the homeless and those affected by homelessness and poverty. The organisation’s incredible work during the Covid-19 crisis, providing emergency accommodation, food parcels, and essential advice to their clients, only deepened their admiration and strengthened their resolve to contribute in some way.

So, why jump out of a plane? Robert and James believe that such a daring and thrilling endeavour will hopefully inspire others to take action, face their fears, and contribute to a worthy cause. By pushing their own limits, they hope to raise awareness and funds for The Hope Hub, enabling the organisation to continue its vital work.

The jump is planned for June 10th so please sponsor now. They need every encouragement…..

Sponsor Robert and James

The Hope Hub represents a beacon of hope for countless individuals on the edge.

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