The Hope Hub Christmas Wish List

It’s that time of year again, when the lovely people of Camberley and surrounding neighbourhoods like to give our Service Users a little extra support. If you can help out this year it would be much appreciated. Here are a few things that are on our wish list.

Primark Vouchers

Sim Card Vouchers (£10)

Sainsbury’s voucher (£10)

Waitrose Vouchers

Christmas gift packs for men and women’s toiletries and washing items

Men’s deodorant

Superdrug gift packs for toiletries and washing items

Greggs vouchers

Wilco vouchers

Men’s and ladies’ fleeces (medium and large sizes)

Warm Socks

Thermal Gloves

Thermal underwear

Joggers (Men’s and ladies (M & L)

Men’s t-shirts :  M & L

Men’s Jeans (medium eg 34” regular leg)

Back Packs (medium size – not large hiking size)

Chocolates & Other festive sweets


Lip Salve

Puzzle books (crosswords, word search etc)

Costa vouchers

MacDonald’s Vouchers

Chocolate biscuits

Starbucks Vouchers

Hand warmer packs

Christmas Variety packs

Sleeping bags

Biscuits (packets and bars)
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned vegetables
Mug Shots
Pot Noodles
Canned fish and meats (with ring pulls)
Soft drinks (no alcohol)
Christmassy food stuffs and sweets (no perishable please)
Selection boxes
Small Christmas puds (individual if possible)

Nuts (salted and unsalted)
Tins of custard

Long-life milk
Items we would buy as treats for ourselves (food or otherwise)
Puzzle books

Hand warmers etc, eg

Toe Warmers adhesive, Foot Warmer for 8 hours of warm feet, Toe Warmer Pads as well as Heat Warmers, suitable for all types of shoes, extra thin, and comfortably soft, Heat Pads for feet, 5 Pairs : Sports & Outdoors

Hot Hands Instant Hand Warmers- 12 pairs : Sports & Outdoors

Bramble – 5 Premium Emergency Thermal Survival Weatherproof Sleeping/Bivvy Bag : Sports & Outdoors

MEKKAPRO Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (4-Pack), Pocket Sized for Emergencies, Camping, Outdoors, Hiking, Survival, First Aid (Gold) : Sports & Outdoors

If you can help out with anything from our wish list, please contact us today. Thank you!


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