The Hope Hub will be closed from 1pm on Christmas Eve and will re-open on Tuesday 5 January at 10.00am for Clients.

If you have supported us in any way, we would like to thank you and please know your contribution/gift/donation IS making a difference to people’s lives who we support.

From time to time over the period, the connect@thehopehub.org.uk email will be monitored for urgent matters.

We have been able to provide many Clients with a home of their own since April (our financial year) and others are in temporary or hotel accommodation where they have engaged with us/taken up our offer of hotel accommodation over the Christmas period.

We work in partnership with all statutory bodies, support agencies, community and churches so we can properly empower people to become the best they
can be. We always advocate engagement with the services that can
genuinely provide sustained change.

Our Clients in emergency accommodation have received Christmas gifts, PPE, anti bac hand gel, their medication (if needed) and where possible a Christmas meal will be provided by generous sources. Thank you again if you are part of that.

We look forward to starting afresh in 2021 and hope the year will emerge into a bright and happy one once the pandemic subsides.

Our January-February e-News will give a Christmas update and an 0pportunity to include some photos of the generous Community you are.

We hope you all have a wonderful, albeit different Christmas. May it be a time of reflection, peace and rest.



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