2.6 Challenge

Mags, Helen and Paul were sponsored during the 2.6 Challenge and raised an amazing £1486 between them. Well done team.

Please join in with us with the 2.6 Challenge and sponsor one of our team participants! You may be aware that The London Marathon has been replaced with the 2.6 challenge and everyone is invited and encouraged to participate and/or contribute to help plug a gap in charity community fundraising.

Donations can be received until 24th May

You can still contribute to our fundraising effort to help our clients through the Covid-19 crisis. To donate please click the button


COVID-19 JustGiving



Every penny counts and we welcome any contributions and value an encouraging message as we work tirelessly to support those on the fringes of society. In April 2020, we have provided through donations from supermarkets and across the Community and a grant (for fresh essentials) and delivered 200 nourishing food parcels to homeless, vulnerable or unemployed people in emergency accommodation or any Client struggling to make ends meet together with menu ideas from the parcels and a range of activities as well as our extensive telephone and intervention support.

Many Thanks for getting behind our work